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New Ethic is an All Vegan restaurant

For me, veganism isn't a business opportunity it's intertwined with my morals. It's how I believe every living being should be treated. It goes hand in hand with human liberation and living for a better tomorrow. I am vegan and have been for many years. I am vegan for the animals, planet and health. I understand that this is more than just a diet for most of you, just as it is for me. That is why my first concern is cross contamination. Fortunately, this is a 100% vegan run, owned and operated vegan business. I take ingredients seriously, right down to the sugar I use. Everything is vegan. Nothing hidden. Expect great organic and local veggies to top your pizza with. Thank you for the support and interest in this opportunity to bring you food without animal products, better ingredients and the first to bring some of these products to the area. It makes them more affordable and accessible to people that may have not had the opportunity to try them otherwise.

- Matt


In the Titus Mall at the corner of Titus Ave. and Hudson Ave. We are in the same building as the DMV and 2 Ton Tony's

New Ethic Pizzeria & Cafe

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545 Titus ave., Suite 519596
Rochester, NY 14617
P: 585-623-8231

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